I’m a trainer/writer, other than walking and the Cellerciser, I lead a sedentary lifestyle. I haven’t been able to exercise due to injuries -left upper-arm amputation (1973), sprained left hip, right shoulder dislocation plus nagging back injuries from being rear-ended and having four vertebrae ripped lose from my mid-upper back bone in 1988. My condition at this time: weight 197 lbs. -age 67 -out of shape – dinged all over.

Cellerciser arrived Friday 21st of March 2008 -assembled and started – I actually watched the DVD and read the instructions – but did overdo it a bit to start.

Saturday March 22nd muscles felt a little sore, colon flush and VIBE machine treatment. My mantra while -bouncing is “Age 30, perfect DNA.”

Sunday March 23rd all four sides for before pictures – juicing -fruits and vegetables.

Monday March 24th ordered my Dad (93 years old with stroke and back problems) a Cellerciser. Bouncing multiple times per day -building up stamina and reducing recovery time daily.

Friday March 28th also walked four miles.

Monday 31st first 10-minute continuous bouncing -felt good -noticed the spider veins look like they’re reducing down.

Tuesday April 1st morning 12-minute bouncing exercises followed by a short walk, I noticed that my chronic back pain was not hurting.

Friday April 4th two weeks of Cellercising and my muscles are tightening-up all over my body. My stamina is increasing, and my recovery time based on how winded I am and how long it takes to regain my normal breathing rate is decreasing. I bounced using different exercises three times at least 10 minutes each time.

Friday April 11th doing two to three bouncing sessions of to 10 to 15 minutes and walking.

Saturday April 12th – weight 192 I have lost 5 pounds and one inch on my waist, muscle tone is getting better I feel better all over. I’m building up muscle quick and the fat will be coming off fast now. The four-year-old hip and shoulder injuries are healing fast.

Friday April 18th week four complete. Doing two to three bouncing sessions of to 10 to 15 minutes and walking. Any fat on my legs is gone -they are solid when I flex. Most of the fat layer is gone from my butt. I have six-pack abs under the layer of belly fat. The skin on my face is smoothing out and there is a noticeable reduction of fat on my face -still some but going away fast. I “feel” better all over. I did a five-mile walk, by accident, and was not tired afterwards.

Friday April 25th -week five complete. Ordered Barney (a friend with a serious balance problem) a Cellerciser on Thursday it will be drop-shipped to arrive on Monday. OK this is significant, the muscles in my stump are starting to tone-up. A left-upper-arm amputee for over 35 years and now the stump muscles are toning-up, WOW! The only “exercise” the stump muscles could possibly get would be isometrics, if I was doing them, I’m not. Spider veins are disappearing, and it looks like the “droopy” eye lids are going away. It’s hard to tell, but the age spots seem to also be lightening up on my forehead.

My Personal Fitness Goal is: Stronger, more stamina, faster recovery, improved balance, weight back to 160 + 5 lbs.

My Long-term Goal: is age-reversal to full maturity 30-years-old with: perfect DNA/RNA, perfect healing, perfect regeneration, perfect shape and perfect wellness till I decide it’s time to leave this plane of existence.

How I will know I have reached my Fitness Goa/: I was a SCUBA Instructor Trainer for over 20 years and had to retire in 2003, too out-of-shape and torn-up for diving. My goal is to make multiple dives on multiple days from the breakwater at Avalon on Catalina Island, California. This means I have to be able to walk up and down a 45-degree boulder-slope, enter and exit through surf while wearing over 80 pounds of dive gear. This will be possible by October 15th, 2008 or sooner. More Under Water adventures await-Yea!

I’ll be putting up an article about Cellercising on my website and pictures at each major phase (each 10-pound drop in weight) of my “re-engineered” body. I’d love to be the “poster boy” for the Cellerciser. If a one-armed, injured, old geezer can benefit and do the age-reversal thing -so can anyone! A-HO! So Be It! Get Back, Here I Come, with my Brain-On and Soul-On Seminars.

There’s no way I can write or tell you how much this means to me. Thank you Harv and David – again the right thing at the right time – I love serendipity.

Lance “The One-Armed Bandit”

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