We got a Cellerciser in December of 2003 and are so amazed at the ongoing results. We keep getting healthier, stronger, more agile, etc. We were encouraged in many ways by the excellent literature and the book. What encouragement!

We live in the country. I find carrying water, chopping wood, hiking up our driveway easier and more fun with increased strength, stamina, endurance and joy!

When swimming the other day at a pool, it was great to have increased vital force and strength. We’re amazed at how this helps my husband’s lower back to heal up quicker if he overexerted on his carpentry jobs.

This Cellerciser is part of our family, like our Norwalk juicer is. We are so thankful. God helped you to have the perseverance to design this. It goes along with the natural remedies that Heaven provides for healing, building, cleansing, rejuvenating and incredible improvement in every way.

Everything has improved – probably stronger, trimmer, more fit than I’ve ever been. My rear is firming up. I notice greater, easier endurance for hark work or hiking. This is incredible.

There’s real progress, continually. When I’ve overdone it a little and take a day or two off from the Cellerciser, I return to it with greater strength to do more and longer bouncing that I did before. I have seen these beautiful bounces just sit unused by several elderly lady friends. I didn’t want ours to end up like that just sitting around, not getting used.

Two days after I turned 50, I noticed my body was getting that “saggy” feeling. It felt disgusting as I have usually been pretty strong and fit. I had seen David’s bouncing enthusiasm shared with us at Danny’s health expo in Lodi, California. I’ve always been impressed that this was for real. I never really had the money as an unpaid housewife. But this year I had some money set aside for dental work, so when I realized the saggy – baggy feeling was creeping into my life. I knew that was the time to get a Cellerciser instead I haven’t regretted the decision – ever.

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