My name is Lisa, and here is my experience so far with Covid-19 and the AMAZING tri-fold Cellerciser:

I am very overweight, much of it which happened when I suffered with long-haulers Covid. I travel full-time for my work, always flying (45+ weeks per year).

It had gotten to where I had to have wheelchair assistance for all my flights, as I would be so out of breath from even walking up the jet bridge, to where I had to sit down for 10 minutes, just to recover. I remember calling my husband from SLC one trip, when it all started, and telling him I didn’t know if I was going to make it. And I told him I don’t mean whether I’m going to make my connection or not, I meant if I was going to live or not. I eventually contacted my sister (she’s in South Carolina, and I live in Oregon).

She had, along with her Naturopath and Oncologist, researched for years and ended up curing herself of Stage 4 non-smokers lung cancer. The first thing she did was put me on a daily protocol of organic kale, and pure organic pineapple juice. I start every morning by filling up my nutribullet with the kale, pouring the pineapple juice up to the line, blending and drinking the entire jar.

Within 2 weeks, I knew I was well on the way to recovery. After a couple of months of my kale routine, and making significant progress, she then added a daily vitamin regimen, which I take with my kale concoction. After a couple of months of that, she said I needed to start rebounding.

I bought a less expensive rebounder off of Amazon, and I could literally not even jump/bounce for 30 seconds, as I was just too winded from that tiny little amount of time. Well, I kept at it, and slowly but surely, within just a couple of months, I was up to 10,000 bounces per day (rebounding 3 to 5 times a day, 2000 bounces per time).

Then came my having to start traveling for work again, and I missed my rebounding!

First, I point out these time frames, because I can’t tell you how MANY times over the DECADES I have tried to eat right, start a vitamin regimen, start a regular exercise program. I will do really well for the first week or two, and then I’ll miss a day, get back on track for couple of days, and within 2 months, it’s all over. So, my super smart sister knew this, and let me master one step, before she added another step. It’s now been at least 6 months, and although I miss a day or two here and there, I ALWAYS get back on track really quickly. I MISS it too much if I don’t!!!

So, I started researching rebounders I could travel with. I researched for at least a month, and everything ALWAYS brought be back to the Cellerciser as the best of the best, and then the real blessing, the tri-fold Cellerciser.

My prayers were answered. I ordered it just days before my weekly travel started back in earnest, it came in just days, and the rest is history. I travel with this beauty every single week and use it every single day. When I get home, I open it back up, and use it the two days I’m at home. The first time I traveled with it, I’ll admit I was a bit worried about being able to get it put together and then break it down and pack it up again. Traveling like I do, I have a routine, and adding extra time to that routine is always a challenge. Well, the first time I put it together, it took me a few minutes, and the same time when I broke it down and packed it in its case. But I did it!! Now, it’s nothing whatsoever. I pop it together is well less than a minute, and the same thing for breaking it down, and popping it back in its case. (It literally folds itself up once you fold it in half.) I lay it face down, fold the legs, stand on one side of it, and pull the other side back on itself. It is truly so easy after a few times of practice.

Lastly, I had some questions today, that I had been grappling with for a few weeks.

When I arrived at my hotel, I sat in the parking lot, and called the number for Cellercise.

Hearing and seeing David on so many YouTube videos, I knew exactly who it was when he answered. I was in awe. But I also wasn’t surprised after the TON’s of comments I had read about how he would answer or get on the phone when so many of you had called. I didn’t want to waste his valuable time, but in true David fashion, he made me slow down, asked how I was doing, and got to know me before letting me ask my questions.

It was so, so pleasant and so, so personal. He answered my questions, shared personal stories of his use of the Cellerciser, and gave me some suggestions for my program, that I’ll be adding here in just a few minutes when I finish this message.

I thanked David, not only for myself, but for how he has so positively impacted and helped the lives of so many of us.

I will never be without my Cellerciser. It is quite truly as important to me as the air I breathe.

Keep on keeping on. CELLERCISE!!!



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