First I want to say that Jenna is awesome. All your support people are amazing. AND, I’ve had a Cellerciser for probably I don’t know, maybe 13 -15 years. Is that possible? A tri-fold. I bought it after a cancer diagnosis when I was bouncing on another brand that popped a spring that hit me in the eye and scratched my face. They gave me a refund and I found Cellerciser!

I still have my same old tri-fold. It’s been on the airplane a few times. I just got a balance bar for it. I’ve abandoned it outside for a year in the rain and mist, and now it’s got rusty springs, but I use it daily for 20-30 minutes — plus every few hours I do a couple of 30 second bursts on it like jumping jacks or running in place hard, this helps the production of human growth hormone.

Also, about a month ago a friend was requesting on our neighborhood email list if anyone had a rebounder for sale (won’t mention the other name). I called and said no, no, don’t get that one, get a Cellerciser. And Jenna set her up with a phone call with someone who told her the benefits of the Cellerciser, and she emailed me a few days ago that she’s so happy I recommended the Cellerciser. Yay. Now if I could only get my abs to look like your 6 pack.

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