The Cellerciser is the real deal and it truly does offer the benefits that Dave Hall talks about!! My husband has a low functioning gall bladder and it will at times cause him much discomfort. Every morning he gets up and bounces for 15 minutes. This morning his gall bladder was causing him much discomfort, yet he still decided to bounce. Guess what?!!! The pain went away!!!!! He couldn’t believe it!! Also, his varicose veins are not as prominent!!

I have 5 children and because of that I at times will sneeze and pee (just a little and sorry for the TMI). I have been bouncing faithfully since I joined the I-jump-instead patreon which has been since the end of August and I have no issues with incontinence!!! I swear rebounding on a Cellerciser works!!!! My husband and I have used a cheap rebounder in the past and never had these results!!!!

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