HI! My name is Marilyn. I am a mother and grandmother (59 years), who has a very busy schedule; and as a result, found it increasingly difficult to get to the gym even 3 or 4 days a week. Besides that, I was becoming more aware that my gym workouts (even with consistency) were not very effective. I have always been very careful with my diet, but still I was only maintaining and not losing weight. Through surfing the internet, I am so grateful for finding the Cellerciser. It absolutely does everything it is advertised to do. It is a solid, sturdy piece of equipment that takes up such little space. I look forward every day to my 15 min workout. Since it arrived April 2009 till now July 10, 2009, I have averaged using it 6 days a week. The results have been amazing to me, I am thinner and firmer all over (legs/ arms/ stomach/ back). My clothes are looser, and even my posture has improved. I am so happy, and I know now it is only a matter of time before I reach my goal of size 6! Thank you, David Hall, for a single, easy and effective workout, the Cellerciser. I am committed for life, I can’t stop telling everyone to try Cellercising, you will NOT be disappointed because it really works!!


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