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I ordered my bifold Cellercise® in August of 2017 with the stabilizer bar.

Initially I could only do the health bounce for a couple of minutes before my ankles started hurting, then my knees.

After about a week, my ankles no longer hurt, and I was able to move on to about 5 minutes then 1O minutes. Then my knees no longer hurt.

Throughout 2018 I would use the cellerciser when short on time which was more often than not. I definitely felt so much better when I did my 10- 15 minute workouts. About Sept 2018 I took the bar off be It just got in my way.

Also, after August of ’18, I began a gym membership and started doing intervals on the treadmill 3 days/week (which was a combination of a really fast walk, then a normal walk, which progressed to a slow jog with a walking interval, to a semi fast jog to a slow jog interval). Then I got all excited because I was working out, so I decided to “run” outside, and It was slow progress because running on pavement is not the same as a treadmill. The other thing is my shoes were very old (3 yrs. old), and so, my feet would hurt, then my knees would hurt, so I’d take breaks from exercising, because my knees were so sore. Then the only thing I could do was jump on the cellerciser despite my knee pain. The great thing was that even though I could not run with that knee pain (and at times I could barely walk), I found I COULD Cellercise®, get my fitness on, AND recover from my knee pain.

Fast forward to now. Right before the new year, I’d decided to attempt a nonstop run for about 25-30 minutes which is far different than intervals with resting between short jogs. On my most recent nonstop run, the day after I felt a slight pain in my left hip and didn’t think anything of it, so I went out the next day and began my run. I only got 1/2 way and had to stop because the pain in my hip became unbearable. I could only run if I pushed on my left hip which in turn pushed my body to the right. I didn’t think this was good practice, even though the pain was alleviated, so I walked all the way home and called it a day. All the rest of the day it hurt to walk anywhere, and I couldn’t help but limp. I prayed and claimed healing over my hip and then next day I was 90% better with no meds – praise the Lord! Still feeling slight pain, I decided to do a health bounce to test out the pain intensity. Feeling no pain, I went ahead and did an all-out routine and felt fine the whole rest of the day!

I love the fact that I can get my cardio workout in despite the recent kind of pain that immobilizes me in the running arena. Thanks for such a wonderful product!

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