Just a quick note to tell you that after only 4 months of Cellercising, a bone density scan done yesterday revealed that I had a 4.6% increase in the bone density of my lumbar spine!!

This is seriously good news for me as I, paradoxically, have severe osteoporosis of my spine (-3.1), but my hips and femoral bone are strong as a 30 year old’s, at 61 years of age. Before I discovered the Cellerciser I was so discouraged about this and wondered how I was ever going to be able to increase the spine bone density without some kind of extreme exercise regime, which I knew I would not be able to be faithful to.

After I got my Cellerciser, I read on your website that a woman had a whopping 41% increase in bone density after close to a year of Cellercising. She happened to have the exact same osteoporosis score as me and was able to reverse it; she now has only osteopenia.

So, I am VERY hopeful to have similar great results when I have another DEXA scan next year at this time. My goal is to reverse the osteoporosis!

My Endocrinologist was highly skeptical that any natural means would increase my bone density and gave me a wry smile when I suggested it. He wanted me on some harmful bone building drug that has potential terrible side effects, like necrosis of the jawbone. Well, I showed him! And I will show him even more next year – ha ha!

Thank you, thank you, for your marvelous Cellerciser and for the wonderful, uplifting support you provide to the Cellerciser ‘Family’!

Best to you!

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