We had a health fair here at work today and I took advantage of a free cholesterol test.

This happens annually, and for years I’ve had more or less the same results – slightly over the recommended range – usually a total of 205 to 210. My HDL/good cholesterol is usually high and balances the fact that my LDL/bad cholesterol is over the limit and drives the total number up.

I get about the same results when I do a standard LabCorp blood test. Again, the numbers have remained stable at those levels for years and years – as long as I can remember.

Well today – for the first time – it was different, and I can only attribute it to my daily Cellercising! My total cholesterol was down to 187!!! That is unheard of for me! And my HDL was 93, which the nurse said was off the roof high and was great. She said that 50 is great and mine is 43 points over that. Not bad for a 61 year old woman who takes no medication – not for cholesterol or for anything!

Below is a screenshot of the results.

How can I thank you for being the wonderful “health warrior” that you are!! Please feel free to read this on a Q&A session!

Best to you!

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