I Just wanted to let you know that my half-fold Cellerciser was delivered yesterday afternoon. When the UPS man slid it in the door, I thought that this would be my challenge for the week. I was wondering what tools I would need to put it together and then decided to just open it and find the instructions. I slide the rebounder out and flipped it open. What a surprise!! The legs were neatly tucked and all I had to do was snap them on DONE!! I stood it up and then saw the envelope with charts, brochures etc. In it. One d the papers said, “instructions for assembling the stability bar”. I looked at the picture and then at the 5 pieces I had already laid out and in less time than you can say easy peasy I had the gem put together. No tools needed!! Just so you know, I am a 78 yr. old woman who lives by herself and it took me more time to open the box and slide out the main piece than it did for me to put it together. Rare that anything Is designed so meticulously that a woman, much less a senior citizen, can do it herself without any help or special tools.

Well done Dave. I look forward to using it and getting my legs down to normal size again. A little bit of extra energy wouldn’t hurt either. I’ll be working on putting a routine together and in the meantime, I’ll be doing the Health Bounce.

Have a fantastic weekend,

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