Dear Dave and Jerry,

I am super happy customer writing to you about the wonderful experience we had with your customer service rep Mr. Jerry. He has been always so upbeat and helpful when it comes to anything about Cellercise and I ordered the first time because of his positivity and he took the time to explain everything in detail. He totally convinced me and I have no regrets. Best decision we made in a long time.

We are so so happy with our Cellercise and it’s has done wonders for our 13 year old daughter. During covid she barely had anything to do with the constant online class and that’s where Cellercise became our savior. She daily jumps on it without fail for minimum 20 min, 3 times a day – before and after school and just before sleeping. We in fact have argument that she needs to stop and do her homework! I am attaching a video of her and how happy we are. Thank you so much for this wonderful gift of Cellercise and Jerry is simply amazing.