I’ve been using a rebounder as my exercise regime since 2004. At the beginning of this pandemic, I was wanting to upgrade my previous rebounder, thinking it would help the pain that had developed in my ankles. Because of delays in shipping, etc., my order (from Bellicon) had stalled, and I had just sold my other rebounder (another Bellicon) in hopes of not losing any time away from my rebounding … that didn’t work out so well as I was ultimately without a rebounder for 11 (agonizing) days. While remaining positive I would get a “shipped” notice from Bellicon, I was looking around online for new routines, and that’s when I came across Dave Hall and his Cellerciser. I was fascinated with his examples of strength, his passion for promoting good health, his amazing body, and his integrity to stand behind the fabrication of his rebounder. Within 45 minutes, I had chatted with someone at Cellerciser, and when she said, “if you order it today, there’s a good chance it will be shipped today”, I was sold! I canceled my order with the other company, and within a few days, I had my new rebounder. What a difference, in everything! The bounce, the approach to the various exercises, and the results.

Thanks, Dave, for ALL you are and what you do, for everyone!

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