I have been rebounding for many years and wanted a new one, after much investigation I discovered the two most expensive, The Cellerciser and the Bellicon rebounder, the Bellicon was much more expensive so I bought it , thinking it should be the best.

No way, it’s worse than anything else I have tried, it immediately hurt my feet, specifically my arches, because it made my feet pronate inwards. I tried many variations of bouncing, barefoot, anti-pronating runners, etc. no luck, still hurt me. The bungees also frayed after one week (it costs $75 to replace the bungees), the sellers said I needed the extra strong bungees, still no difference. So, next I bought the Cellerciser, this one was perfect it had a nice soft bounce but not too deep, and the pad moved downwards with my feet, rather than tilting into the center. I can easily jog or bounce high or low, because the pad seems to adjust to the exercise, it’s the best.

Many thanks.

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