I cannot fully express my delight and amazement with the Cellercise®! Initially I looked at it with some skepticism but thought it would make an “interesting” piece for my television show – especially with Dave’s individual energy. I was not, however, expecting such a life-altering personal experience!

I have come from 215 lbs./24% fat to 180 lbs./13%, with visible loss of girth, but increase in lean muscle. The overall effects of both body image and lifestyle have been astounding. This all while recovering from a broken leg!

It has the effect of not only toning muscle but making one’s effects “worthwhile”. One naturally starts seeking out time to bounce and modifying diet easily and repeatedly. It also is by far the most “organic” of any of the machines I have tried, in that one can put as much into a session as one wishes, and even when tired, a few minutes of “maintenance” bouncing can be achieved with ease, yet the benefits are manifold.

With just a little consistency, this “device” has become a “friend” inasmuch as I take it on remote shoots, to hotels, etc., and cannot imagine life before, and certainly not without.

Thanks Dave, and all over there at Cellercise®.

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