Being a professional pilot on long haul, world-wide operations, I truly travel a lot. My job has only few options to move while at work as it is mostly lengthy hours sitting in the cockpit. I always felt that it is important to move in between the flights, so I ran a lot, whenever possible. But, since I am not the “gym” guy either, it was always a compromise, bad weather or smog in big cities can contribute to that.

Being health focused (my job is really unhealthy due to the massive traveling involved), I was looking for a way to boost the immune system and move in a healthy way. Rebounding therefore is the perfect solution for me. Of course, I found the CELLERCISER right away and intuitively knew that this would solve all my concerns about what kind of workouts to do and when.

I have been using the CELLERCISER for more than a year now and can confirm 100% that it is the best and most intelligent way to train and stimulate our whole body. Please let me close in thanking you from the bottom of my heart for your lifelong dedication on that topic and product.

I am sure there is no better way for me to stay as healthy as I can with physical activity on the CELLERCISER and a health focused ketogenic diet.

Please give my regards also to your wonderful team. Jerry was a fantastic help to send over swiftly my second trifold CELLERCISER, which I will use at home for my family while traveling with the other one.

Best regards from NY,

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