Its almost 3 weeks now since I started using your CELLERSICER mini-trampoline. It is the 5th unit (i.e. the first 4—typical rebound unit) I have used the last 3 years and the best with predictable body cushioned and great bounce.

I have recommended and demonstrated CELLERSICER REBOUNDING to my family—below—I care about to help them achieve a healthier lifestyle. I told them that they will be amazed at the difference in muscle tone and whole body endurance with regular use. It is a whole body exercise; every part of the body is stimulated including our internal organs. My waistline—34.5′ before, now 31″—was noticeably reduced and tightened with more defined and hardened abs., deepened chest and much more improved flex biceps. The skin tone benefits also from the lymph movement and blood circulation.

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