It was great to communicate with you this morning. I appreciate the Cellerciser information sent directly to my friend who needed it. Here is my experience with the Cellerciser rebounder and how I am able to see others reaction to my experience. I purchased a Cellerciser in fall of 2016 upon the recommendation of a friend. After a simple set up and use a little while before vacation and a surgery, I was able to slowly integrate its use into my rehabilitative exercises. Its use and duration increased quickly assisting a gentle but effective recovery. I took the Cellerciser with me during the holidays to use and share with family and friends. My goal was to leave it as a gift if it was enjoyed and useful to their exercise desires. It was and I did donate it to the household as everyone enjoyed it, especially my 4 year old Grand Niece. So cute and I admire the excess energy. The other visiting children were so interested, I had to time them for one minute each so everyone had a turn at fun. I ordered another one before returning home so time without a Cellerciser would be at a minimum.

Dropping by a friend’s home, I noticed a rebounder of the same size from a local commercial Sports store. After jumping for a minute, the difference between the two is amazing. It was stiff with greater impact on joints, especially the back compared with the Cellerciser. The quality of tramp bed itself and flexibility in the springs could not approach the performance of the Cellerciser Rebounder. I am very happy to have shared a Rebounder with family and expect one for me to be arriving shortly. Thank you for a great product and I am still spreading the word.

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