I apologize for not writing yesterday as I had said. The wireless network in my building was down and just came back on today. It was great talking to you yesterday. I am excited about the forthcoming book(s) and video. This information is so important to get out to people, but it Is even more Important to make sure that the finished product matches your vision. I wanted to write to let you know some of my experiences with the Cellerciser. I noticed a few really interesting changes when I first received it in late April, and it was indispensable to me in recovering from a recent cycling accident in which I was hit by a car (photos attached)


I work primarily with Individuals to help them detoxify their bodies and rebuild their health. The system that I use Is the nutritional cleansing program pioneered by isagenix. I have seen massive differences in myself as well as others (one woman that my wife and I work with has lost over 130 lbs. and counting II). One of the first differences that I felt with the Cellerciser was when cleansing symptoms came up when I wasn’t on a cleanse. I also have had a long history of blocked Eustachian tubes in my ears. I used to hear a crackling sound whenever anyone would talk. I found a couple of herbal remedies especially capsicum and ginger that would open them up but would never feel like they were completely open. One of the first things I noticed while on the Cellerciser was a low level clicking sound in my ears. Within a couple of days, the sound had stopped, and my ears felt wide open!

I meditate and practice QI Gong and the Chinese Internal Martial Arts daily. I noticed a significant difference in my energy level as well as my feeling of groundedness. The Cellerciser is also perfect for smoothing out energy after a session to make sure that there aren’t any energy Imbalances, everything is perfectly smoothed out and evenly distributed. Before I would jump, my body and specifically my spine would feel like a stack of bones and after only a few minutes of work It feels like a steel spring I Within only a few minutes my body feels more like a system of tensegrity rather than just nuts and bolts.

I have found that bouncing on the Cellerciser for about 5 minutes or so in the morning fills me with energy and about 5 minutes or so of the baby bounce at the end of the day leaves my whole system feeling open and relaxed and ready for deep sleep. I generally do one longer and higher intensity session daily with a focus on different muscle groups, especially abdominals as well as twisting motions for massaging the intestines and liver.

The cycling accident, July 1st ’08

On the 1st of this month, I was hit by a car while cycling. The driver hit me so hard that I not only needed 19 stitches (my wife could actually see my jaw bone before I was stitched up) my face was pretty banged up, my watch lens shattered, even the face of my cell phone was cracked and it was in my backpack!!

I was in bad shape but I was grateful to have three powerful tools on hand to help me heal:

isagenix: complete nutrition that cleanses the body at a cellular level and would help my body rebuild!

Cellerciser. my sole source of exercise during recovery. It allowed me to help get the nutrients to where they need to go as well as circulating the lymph to clean the old junk out of the damaged areas. It also served as my chiropractor to help me balance and open my badly wrenched neck and back, while also strengthening my cell walls!!

Ritm Scenar. Stimulated the healing response where it was needed and took my pain level from an 8 out of 10 to a 0 In a day and a half without the need for either of the pain prescriptions that the hospital had written for me!

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