The main reason for me to buy the Cellerciser with the safety bar was to help my child with autism to lose some weight. He’s 9 years old and overweight (135lbs). It arrived early in January and my two kids love it instantly. They began taking turns bouncing on it and they even bounce both at the same time. My other kid is 11 years old and weighs about 7Slbs. Since the Cellerciser is rated at 300Ibs I have no worries, even better, if they play together, they will use it more.

Once they finished playing with the Cellerciser it was finally my turn. At that time, I was around 287Ibs and it worried me being so close to the rated weight. Also, my ankles and knees complained even with a light jog. Started slowly, small bounces, checking if the Cellerciser holds, and it did. It feels strong, my feet seem to be parallel to the floor at every bounce no matter where I land. It was great because then, I don’t have to consciously make sure my ankles are straight. So far, so good.

Jumping higher and almost leaving the matt I can feel the strong forces under my feet but no impact. It took me by surprise because wasn’t expecting these forces to be that strong. After a while, I tried some exercise movements that can no longer do on a flat floor due to the impact. I can now do them again on the Cellerciser.

My wife is about 112Ibs. She also tried the Cellerciser that day and still use it almost every night. She mostly does the healthy bounce and side to side bounces. My kids like to bounce as high as they can and I, can do some exercises on the Cellerciser that will normally hurt my knees and ankles on a flat hard floor.

Apart from the matt that doesn’t stretch under my weight and the sturdiness of the frame, the feature that I like most is the Tri-Flex Spring. At first, I thought that my feet could hit the floor, especially when bouncing on one foot. The springs stretch more with me bouncing than when my 75Ibs son bounce on it but, is not excessive. Still, have good clearance from the floor even when doing higher bounces. For me, this means that I don’t have to change a thing for any member of my family. My kids finished using the Cellerciser and I can jump right on. So convenient.

For me, the security bar is a must. It wobbles a bit but still makes you feel secure. Dave explained that it is a design feature to help you have better balance. I did not believe him and thought he was covering a design flaw. After using the Cellerciser for a while I proved myself wrong. When completely lose my balance, the bar will save me from falling off but when my balance is pretty good that wobbling allows me to recover the balance by myself while feeling secure.

Spring noise was very much my concern. Brand new it was very quiet. Later it began to be noisy, very noisy indeed. With all the other features the Cellerciser has, the spring noise was the price to pay. After a few noisy days, I saw one of Dave’s video where he explained how to get rid of the noise with a little oil at the springs ends. No more spring noise!!!

The Cellerciser is perfect for me. Can handle the weight of all members of my family as it is, is convenient, strong, safe, quiet and fun.

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