I am a Master Herbalist student at Dr. Christopher’s School of Natural Healing. Through this education I have learned the importance of rebounding. I have a $35.00 mini trampoline and I HAD NO IDEA THERE WERE A DIFFERENCE in other mini trampoline/rebounders. Low and behold my Cellercisers arrived yesterday afternoon and I couldn’t wait to jump on. Of course, before doing so, I wanted to test the difference, so I rolled out my $35 model and gave it a go. About 2 minutes in, I jumped on the Cellerciser and HOLY SMOKES – I was at a loss for words!

Unbelievable difference between the two. It felt like I had gone from jumping on a bag rocks, to jumping on a marshmallow. Now, I look forward to rebounding every day.

Thank you very much and I just had to share this 😉

With kind regards,

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