I have used Dave Hall’s Cellerciser for about one month. Currently, the only technique I perform on the Cellerciser is an advanced bounce for four to six minutes. When I finish this technique, I am breathing heavily which is a testament to the tremendous aerobic benefits the unit provides.

I have been lifting weights on and off for approximately 10 years. Since using the Cellerciser, I have noticed an overall increase in my strength level. I am currently able to bench-press 270 pounds using the Hammer bench press machine. I can do four repetitions at this weight. I am 41 years of age and currently weigh 185 pounds.

I currently do not do any abdominal exercises at my gym. However, since I have been using my Cellerciser, my abdominal muscles are stronger than any time in my life. What is really amazing is that I have not targeted my abdominals with the Cellerciser. Since Cellercising works every cell in the body, I am automatically working the abdominal muscles every time I perform an advanced bounce.

I whole-heartedly recommend Dave Hall’s Cellerciser to anyone who is interested in increasing his or her level of fitness and wellbeing. We should all be grateful to David for making the Cellerciser and cellular technology available to the general public.

Your truly,

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