I used the Cellerciser a few minutes incredible… love it… I was doing crunches already bounced with my butt on the matt wow talk about heavy on the abs perfect.

Mom loves the Cellerciser she is more fanatic then I am when I did 3 sessions on a day she would already have done 6-7! Mom is 59 diabetic type 2 (no insulin shooting yet but uses 9 pills a day) she has severe bone material damage from working too hard in her life (she was a nurse and picked up lots of people by herself in her twenties to wash them… back then you didn’t have lift systems! So she lifted her with her arms thus lots of bone density she lost over the years) it fills my heart with joy every time I catch her on it… she has an inner smile when she jumps I can tell… awesome invention… everyone should have one at home! Beats a PlayStation 3 !!!!!

Greetings from Holland

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