My Cellerciser arrived one week ago. Here is my first week’s experience.

I am 71. I am overweight, and in serious need for exercise. I happened to see one of Dave’s videos, and was especially drawn to the Cellercisers impact on the lymph system, and the benefits gained even with low impact exercises. My lower back, hips, and knees rejoiced at the thought of helpful exercise without pain.

I have done two ten-minute basic routines a day for a week. Health Bounce, Wide-stance deep walk, Twists, Jamba walk, and Health Bounce, 2 min each. I could not lift off the mat. And I certainly could not do those amazing straight leg kicks Dave does (I could not support my weight on one leg and bounce, let alone kick.) But the encouragement that “bouncing builds strength and adds health” was a great motivation. And Dave is right — jumping on the Cellerciser is just plain fun.

Each day I have started my routine, I have felt stronger. After 2-3 days, I felt more stable, more solid, even as I walked across the room. After 5 days, my jumping jacks had me clearing the mat. Balance has improved every day. The first day, the bar was a must I bounced all over the thing. Now one week in I use it for bending exercises.

On day 5, I began hopping on one leg while holding the other out –front, back, side — for 50 hops each. In an amazing way, I could feel the areas of weakness I was working.

This morning — Day 7 — I was able to hop-kick to the front for a count of 20, and then hop-kicked (with two hops for each kick for stability).

Running was out for me 20 years ago. Walking was too painful. Body weight exercises left me stiff. Cellerciser is helping me grow stronger by the day and increasing my flexibility at the same time. I’m not burning many calories because I cannot generate the intensity yet, but that will come in time, I have no doubt.

Love my Cellerciser!




So far, within my capabilities, everything Dave said has proven true. I had a trampoline years ago and like many, I finally gave it to goodwill because it did not seem to help, and I did not know what to do. The video you and Dave make are very helpful. I have also researched other “neutral sites” regarding rebounding and all the science underscores what Dave is sharing. I have real hope for increasing strength and flexibility now than any time in years.

In the two weeks I’ve had and used my Cellerciser, I have found Dave is exactly right about the Health Bounce. It looks so simple, so elementary, and yet –no matter how unmotivated I feel, morning or evening, to do my Cellerciser routine, 15 seconds of the Health Bounce changes everything. The rest of my 10-15 minute free style routine is a given. A second thing the Health Bounce does psychologically is — when I try a new more intense exercise and get winded or lactic acid build-up — all I have to do is drop into a gentle Health Bounce and 1) rest and recuperate and 2) know that I am not slacking off, but continuing to do something that has a positive impact on my body. That is a win-win. At 71, I’ve gained so much in terms of leg strength and balance — far more than I ever dreamed that first day. I could not bounce on one leg — too weak and uncomfortable. My right hip was painful, and so I backed off into the Health Bounce. The next day, hops were less painful. Today, I’m doing 150 hops on each leg straight (while holding the other leg as high as I can front, back, and side). This is strengthening my core, hips, and legs so that in a few weeks or months I can do kick-outs. I saw Dave’s suggestions on neck and spine stretches while Health Bouncing, including the backward lean, a few days ago, and have incorporated all of those. I am feeling a real difference already. The Bicep/Triceps combos and chest pull/pushes while health bouncing, I’ve also started.

I understand why some folks on Facebook call Cellerciser “magic.”

I also appreciate Dave’s positive take on chiropractors. Good chiropractors have helped me over the years, but the problem was I didn’t have an efficient way to strengthen the muscles around the re-arranged bones to hold them in place. Now I do 15 days, 26 sessions (I missed two days this week with a bad sinus infection/ cold — was it lymph overflow?) and I am stronger, more stable, have no lingering hip pain. I haven’t lost much weight, but my whole torso is tighter, and I keep “automatically” tucking in my stomach. The simplicity of the health bounce also makes it the perfect relaxing exercise, as Dave says. When I’m grading papers and nearly burned out, I can go into the sun room and bounce for a few minutes, and then I’m ready to go back to grading.

Great video. Looking forward to the next 11 days!

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