Turning the big “60” hasn’t been easy for me. My body was “sinking” with 20 extra pounds on it. I purchased a Cellercise® with the hope of changing this.

I’ve owned two rebounders in the past and absolutely hated them! All that jumping and jiggling was not for me. But watching your YouTube videos everything you said made so much sense! It’s been two weeks since my Cellercise® arrived. It’s possibly be the best thing I’ve ever purchased for my health! No jarring moves just a soothing bounce that makes me WANT to use it! Anywhere from 11 to 20 minutes day. I even feel happier and this is coming from someone who hates working out and hates sweeting I Thank you so much. I’ll keep you Informed of the weight loss.

Oh, and by the way …you are the Rockstar of Rebounding!

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