I want to tell you how much the Cellercise has helped my overall health. I don’t think I would be able to walk without making it my daily routine. I had poor circulation in my legs to where it was forming brown spots on the lower part of my legs. The brown spots went away, and it has put circulation back in my legs to where I can walk normally again. I also can literally feel the circulation up in my head when I get to the last 5 minutes of my exercises. I exercise 15 minutes in the morning after I wake up and 15 minutes before I go to bed at night. Without that, I literally would not be able to function. It has also helped me with my a fib and also opening up my lungs to where I can breathe better.

I HATE to exercise and when my brother brought his Cellercise to the house to exercise, I figured, I COULD DO THAT.

The rest is history LOL!


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