I have had lymphedema in my left leg since the 1970’s. Tests showed extensive sclerosis and obstruction of the upper leg lymphatics. In the 70’s, I had three surgeries that included subcutaneous excision of my calf and thigh. These surgeries were unsuccessful in improving the lymph drainage. For over 20 years I wore my compression stockings, elevated my leg at night, and unsuccessfully sought help from various doctors. In the early 2000’s I started researching rebounding for my lymphatic system and found out about the Cellerciser. I purchased one and it has made a big difference in reducing swelling in my left leg. I do the exercises that you have on your videos, while wearing my compression stocking. In the morning and evening, I also do two exercises while sitting on the Cellerciser, without my compression stocking on. The first one I do is bicycles, while bouncing. I lean back and hold onto the Cellerciser bar and keep my legs parallel to the floor. The second exercise that I do while sitting on the Cellerciser, is to keep my legs as vertical as possible and pump my ankles up and down while bouncing. Using the Cellerciser has reduced the pain and swelling in my leg. Because researchers have found that the buildup of lymph fluid is actually an inflammatory response within the tissue of the skin and not just a pumping problem in the lymphatic system, I adhere to a whole food plant based diet that includes many anti-inflammatory foods. I believe that using my Cellerciser and eating healthy, has enabled my leg to look and feel the best that it has since it started swelling decades ago. The first photo was taken in 1978. Notice how swollen my ankle was. The second photo was from the 1980’s, and the last photo is current.

Thank you, Dave, for all that you do!

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