I feel like I need to share some of the benefits I have experienced from using the Cellerciser. I am 73, 30+ lbs. overweight, and I’ve been using my Cellerciser for about 5 months. While I’m disappointed that I haven’t lost any weight, I’d like to share what some people refer to as “non-­scale victories” that I have experienced after my surgery last week for a hysterectomy with some additional repairs and a bladder lift. (Hope that’s not too much information!)

One of the things that I was asked to do while I was in the hospital was a lung exercise where you inhale slowly with a tube in your mouth and cause a plastic float that is enclosed in a dome to raise as high as possible inside the dome. I don’t know what the device or the test was called, but the nurses were very impressed with how easily I was able to do raise the float to the top of the dome, something they implied patients in their 20’s struggled with. I’m sure that is attributable to my daily exercise sessions on the Cellerciser and focusing on my breathing.

Also, I have not had any difficulty getting in and out of bed and up and down from seated positions, even though, as I said, I am overweight and recovering from surgery. I’m sure this is because my legs and core are so much stronger than they were before I started Cellercising. And I have had minimal pain, but I don’t know if this is attributable to Cellercising, as I normally have a higher threshold for pain than I think many people do. Thank you for this product! I’m so glad that I purchased it. The only downside is that I am restricted from using it for 5 more weeks. I packed it back in its case before I went to the hospital so I would not be tempted to try even a baby bounce! But you can bet I’ll be back at it as soon as my recovery time is over!

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