I’m in love with rebounding. I’m 43 and have been faithfully using your rebounder for almost 3 years now. Within the first 6 months my bladder system tightened up! When I first started Cellercising I would pee a few times while jumping. I kept on believing I would tighten it up 6 months later … no more peeing while jumping on my Cellerciser! No tinkling when I laugh, cough, or sneeze! I Cellerciser most days of the week anywhere from 5-40 min. I put on my favorite music and jump away it gives me so much energy! I use your rebounder as part of my fitness routine of lifting weights, yoga, walking, hiking, and snow shoeing in the winter. Looking toward to seeing how I will age with the Cellerciser! Balance, good skin, draining toxins, and being fit. I know I will have a lifelong love affair with your product. I share with so many about Cellercising.

God bless you all!!

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