Good evening, this is Silva. Normally you don’t hear much from me. I watch your live show on Mondays, but sometimes I can’t figure the timing. I live in Southern California, please let me know what the timing of your show California time is.

I Cellercise every day since I got it in June 14,2019 using the DVD that came with the unit.

6-15-19 was my first day using the DVD for 10 minutes up to August.

I watched different trampoline exercise on YouTube to learn the foot lifting. I still did baby bounce but wanted to be able to lift feet.

I have muscle tension in right leg also weak knees. Am careful not to injure self by wrong feet lifting.

Since August my daily routine is:

Baby bounce, then arm routine finish it with Jamba walk.

First time did 5 Jamba walks, increased it to 10 after arm routine. Increased to 15 Jamba walks. Once I got the hang of it, increased it more.

Baby bounce, arm routine, (3) times Jamba walk each counting to 40. Rest in between. Finish it with holding bar jumping twice followed by 4 jumps with legs lifting to the sides.

Not bad for 70 years old who never did trampoline exercise. Bear in mind I already had exercise routine since I was 50 years old but was floor routine. Have many DVDs, each different instructors.

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