Just wanted you to know how much your Cellerciser has meant to me and my family. Before we purchased your Cellerciser, we accumulated a nice collection of other exercise machines. We have the “Power walker”, the CardioGlide, the Stationary bike, and some others that I’m almost too embarrassed to mention. Needless to say, we never used them much, and we don’t even think about them anymore. (They did make good clothes hangers, I think I heard that _one from you, but it’s true) Well when I went to that Chicago Health Expo and saw that guy (David) jumping like a kid and having fun and saw what kind of shape he was in, I said, “If he can look that good by just jumping on that thing I gotta have it!

David it’s been everything you said it would be and more. We keep it right in our TV Room and my wife and I and my 3 boys all jump on it daily.

One of the things that I really like about it is even if I don’t feel so motivated some days, when I get on it and just start with the “health bounce”, before you know it I just get going and 10 or 15 minutes just fly by.

I love the feeling of strength and balance I feel in my legs and body. I really can’t say enough about how much me, and my family love this Cellerciser.

(Believe it or not my 7 year old is jumping right at this moment) Thanks again David for your great contribution and your enthusiasm toward great health.


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