So, I purchased a “knock-off” Cellercise® from years ago that I rarely used for obvious reasons – it caused pain. After I saw David Hall, I pulled it out and decided to do only small baby bounces on it while waiting for my Cellercise®. Since I’m working with a bad knee, I mean VERY gentle bounces, but a LOT of Jamba Run. I cannot believe the improvement in my knee only using the Jamba Run (I don’t want to pronate that knee!!!) I am no longer using the brace, have lost 2 1/2 lbs. in a week and a half, huge boost in energy, and a huge reduction in cellulite! I pray that I’m getting an early delivery for the REAL DEAL and not something hugely disappointing like tires. LOL!!!

All that to say that I know I am going to get some huge results with my Cellercise® whenever it comes and will post as I have been sick with Lyme most of my life and have had nothing but deterioration throughout my entire body.

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