I just wanted to let you know that I received my ‘Cellerciser’ on Wednesday this week and I am thrilled with it. I have been happily bouncing since it arrived and I have followed your instructions from the DVD for your 10 minute workout, although since I bounced my way through all the initial introduction before getting to the specific exercises I have probably done about 30 minutes or so.

It is very difficult to get out of the habit of thinking that you need to do longer or more repetitions to achieve a result. Every time I have done the exercise to strengthen my back and abdominals, I feel I want to do more than 40 as I can’t believe that will be enough. However, I shall need to curb my enthusiasm as I can feel a bit of an ache in my lower back, as well as across my shoulders. Otherwise, even as I sit here I feel like I want to go and bounce again!

One thing that does surprise me is the fact that you say stretching is unnecessary, I’m assuming that means both before and after bouncing? I had been doing a bit of Pilate’s which centers around the whole notion of lengthening and strengthening with lots of stretching in between. If bouncing on a

‘Cellerciser’ does all the things that it purports to do then I guess there’s no need for these other forms of exercise. Pilate’s is very slow and does take a long time to build up the strength and tone so I would be happy if! felt I wasn’t going to miss out on anything by not going to that as well!

As for the bouncing I guess only time will tell. I have to convince my husband first of the benefits. He’s a farmer and very fit but he’s skeptical about how the ‘Cellerciser’ might benefit him but we will see. I would also like to get my mother and stepfather to have a go as my mother although small by American standards is always trying to lose a bit of weight. My stepfather had a replacement knee operation a year or so ago and he is much better at walking some distances now but not for too long, he also likes his food! So I shall be working on them both.

My problem is because people don’t see me as overweight and think I’m quite fit and healthy ( despite my under active thyroid getting the better of me some days) it’s much harder to get people to take you seriously if your trying to talk about the benefits of certain activities like ‘Cellercising’. It would be easier if I could show them some results of some kind. Still I shall try and get them to take notice and have a go.

Lastly, my children are enjoying the ‘Cellerciser’, but my daughter said she would have liked you to have shown all 30 different exercises that you can do on it. She would like to follow someone exercising to music so I guess it will be another search on American websites for rebounding DVDs, as once again there are none available in the UK. How behind the times are we!

Anyway, many thanks for the chance for me to enjoy this product and I shall keep you informed of my progress.

Kind regards

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