I am an Emergency Room physician. I am 65 years old. I purchased a Cellerciser at the urging of my daughter, Anna, who highly admires you. And more recently, purchased your Mr. Rebounder app.

A week ago, I fell 7 feet and fractured my left pelvis (lateral compression pelvis fracture type 1, avulsed my greater trochanter, and] fractured my sacrum. Also, a triquetrum (carpal) fracture.

I also incurred a moderate concussion. I love my Cellerciser, and like Anna, I highly admire you, and your team. You shall play a vital part of my recovery. I shall keep you in the loop. If at the end you wish to use my story and progress for advertising or promotional, or, I hope, inspirational and encouragement purposes, you may.

Talk soon,

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