Well I started rebounding a few months ago, did it for about 6 weeks. Was loving it!! I was using a Walmart special, so I started searching for a better one. And in fact, my knees were starting to hurt using the cheap one … after I read your site …. l stopped using the cheap one and got me a Cellerciser, but I have a complaint. My problem is that when I am doing my daily, well thought out routine, I always want to do more!! I have to stop myself because I know from years of experience that any workout routine has to be eased into. But l Love this thing! I have already told a bunch of people why they should be doing this. After yesterday’s workout it felt like I have done pushups and I didn’t. Anyhow, I believe strongly in the benefits from this and I am always the guy that buys quality stuff. Hate stuff that is made cheap on purpose.

Thanks a bunch, and stay happy

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