Here is the information I promised to send you on the Cellerciser – it would be great for you to get one to help you with your bone density.

It is a special kind of re-bounder that is really safe. Regular re-bounders are very dangerous and can cause severe and permanent nerve damage and I do not recommend them. The Cellerciser was carefully researched and designed with specially designed extra large springs that slow down and eliminate the jar and maximize the lift and strengthening of every cell fo the body. They are very safe and easy and so much fun.

I have explored many different kinds of exercise and exercise equipment over the last thirty years as a teacher of healthy ways of exercising and I have found nothing else that elevates changes your state and elevates your mood as quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

If you just put some nice music and start to gently bounce within minutes you start to smile and feel high and like a kid again. Just 10 minutes a day makes a SIGNIFICANT improvement in your health and well being and bone density. Cellercising is much more time efficient than yoga or going to the gym. 10 minutes a day is one of the most important investment you can make in keeping your youth and health.

If you look in the mirror while you are bouncing like I do you will see that you look so happy and beautiful when you are bouncing on it. Like a happy, healthy child full of joy. I could really see and feel this because I enjoy this wonderful feeling every morning.

It is one of my favorite things to do because it makes me feel so good. Cellercising has helped me to lose over 20 pounds this year it has strengthened my knees and whole body and I have noticed it really helps my posture and gives a delicious sense of lift and ease to my carriage and movement.

It is so much more safe, easy and pleasurable than running with even more benefit for the bones and with out damaging the joints and tissues like running does.

It’s amazing. If you put your hands on your stomach you realize that every bounce your stomach and back are working as powerfully as a sit-up! At approximately 100 bounces/minute that’s like 1000 sit-ups in 10 minutes! Amazing. Imagine doing 1000 sit-ups a day?

And it’s the same for our bones and every cell of your body. You can put your hands anywhere. On your back, arms, legs and you will feel how each and every muscle is working powerfully each bounce like you were lifting weights at the gym. At approximately 100 bounces/minute that’s like lifting weights 1000 in 10 minutes with each and every muscle of your entire body! Nothing else does that.

Medical researchers have found that Cellercising actually improves the strength of the bones and the health and strength of your skin, face, connective tissue, and even the brain, heart, and eyes. Nothing else does the except running which is too hard on the joints. Cellercising is much better because it has all the benefits of running but actually massages instead of damages the whole body.

I really have felt the difference and benefits. You can feel the benefits immediately from the first time.

This system is also totally congruent with your goals to stay young and healthy in a safe way. It is something you should use and something that is very beneficial for you to make available for your friends to purchase through you.

I also feel that I have responsibility as a teacher of more healthy ways of exercising to inform people that they should only rebound with a Cellerciser because it is safe because of its special design and because ordinaty re-bounders can cause severe and permanent nerve damage.

Nothing else exercises every cell in your body like a Cellerciser does. Nothing else actually improves the health and strength of your skin, face, connective tissue, and even the brain, heart, and eyes like a Cellerciser does. It makes every cell of your body younger and stronger without damaging any of the tissues.

I really feel the benefits and values of this over the last few years I have been using it and never miss a day. The benefits are just too great. For me this and my laptop are the two best things I’ve ever spent money on.

I care about you and really want to help you and really recommend this. It will really support and enhance your health and well being and help the other members of your family too.

It is one of the few exercises that would be safe for your mom. She just has to be very gentle and easy and be careful to keep her toes on the mat all the time and only just gently bounce her heals just a little.

I have recommended it to many of my clients and they all love it and are so happy with it. Some of my older clients are recovering from knee, back, and heart surgery and others are professional dancers and athletes. One of the beautiful things about the Cellercise is that it is safe and good for almost everyone.

It is a wonderful complement to walking, yoga, and other forms of exercise because it is so dynamic like running but massages your whole body instead of damaging the joints like running does. Exercise, walking and yoga are so good for the muscles but it also feels very important and valuable for me to do something fun and dynamic like strengthening the bones and massaging all the cells of my body by bouncing and dancing to drums on my Cellerciser.

Please check out the website: and consider integrating this into your life as soon as possible. This is important. This could be one of the most important investments you will ever make.

I know the owner and can help you have a special relationship with him like I do so you can get one for yourself for a special discount It is incredibly well made and has a lifetime guarantee.

Because your mom should be careful about her balance, I suggest you get the optional balance bar which is only $50. It will help her to feel much more safe and secure so she can enjoy how good it feels when she bounces.

I can call him and set up a special relationship for you. Or you can just call and speak with the owner, David Hall at 800 856 4863. He is really nice. Just mention my name and tell him you are my client.

I am so passionate about this because it has helped me and my friends and clients so much. And I wanted to share it with you because you are a really special woman and person who has given me so much. And because I really care about you and your evolution and want you to enjoy the benefits and stay young, healthy, and happy and want to share this wonderful thing that has helped me so much.

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