I am looking forward to your Cellerciser as I’ve been looking into studying the lymphatic system and was directed by Dr. Robert 0. Young and his work on the blood cells, so I was quite intrigued that you went that way in promoting Cellercising.

I have been sharing this knowledge with my sister and her whole family, husband and 3 kids who need a major health kick.

I too purchased an AUS$60 rebounder from the local sporting store and yes, only bounced on it once before it went into storage. I became quite disillusioned by all the claims in the market and am hoping that Cellerciser will surpass my expectations.

My sister seems convinced by the testimonies I’ve shared and is even planning on purchasing one from you as well (she was hesitant at the cost and shipping of the unit) however I have purposely pulled the old rebounder out of storage (and will keep it) as a reminder and for friends and family to experience the difference in quality of experience. So, if all goes well, you’ll be receiving further orders for the professional tri-fold.

I am grateful to finally find the missing link in longevity in not only health but also a complement to my levels of physical fitness and conditioning. Having spent years working on the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular system – I will experience a paradigm shift in exercising the lymphatic system and all the trillions of cells in my body. How amazing is that!

I am excited about how it will bolster my immune system and every major organ, postural muscles and improve the body’s ability to quickly heal itself. As an avid practitioner of Pilates, gyro tonics, martial arts, Latin American dancing, kettlebell training, club bells and CST, gymnastics and the many exercise tools that expediate that ability to flow and express through movement, I am pleased to know that Cellercising is fundamentally a change in the bodies composition at a cellular level and the understanding that we are only as healthy as our cells (and what they are bathed in) makes for a compelling reason to place ‘Cellercising’ at the front of any exercise program as an absolute must and minimum for health and longevity and the integrity of the bodies harmonious system.

I admire pioneers like yourself who move forward courageously and boldly to trace a path few others dare to go.


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