I learned from you that Cellercise could help restore my stressed adrenal and thyroid function. I realize now that God did have a plan in all of this insanity and one day, I can have ABUNDANT health and energy. With that blessing, surely everything else good in life can follow …. I want to thank you again for helping make it possible that my mother and I could get onto a Cellerciser. We are both very happy with our purchases and look forward to improved health and fitness. My mother has TERRIBLE allergies. Both of my parents are diabetic. My dad is extremely overweight. Until Thursday, I was feeling really good about my personal weight loss, having worked myself down from a size 14 jeans to a recent size 10. Standing next to you, however, I realize how far I have to go …

I hope that you and your son had a nice drive back to Utah-and that you had a little beach time for yourselves in Southern California, as well.

Sincerely yours

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