It’s me Wanda (from MO). Wanted to let you know that the Cellerciser has been a great way to workout (I’m 55) and my daughter (who is a 400m Sprinter in High School). We use it daily. Don’t have to make an effort to drive to the gym 3x a week. My daughter Dayna has used it more than I have. It keeps her legs nice and strong and she’s able to stay in shape when the weather is “crappy” or during the off season. I recently saw my son (16-year-old football player) bouncing on it – he has noticed that his sister and I get a great workout and the workout can be more challenging than it looks. He thought the jumping Up & Down was super easy.

I originally owned a Bellicon – I had to stop using the Bellicon because my ankles would hurt after jumping on it – didn’t realize that while jumping on the Bellicon my ankles (particularly my left ankle) would pronate. Unfortunately, I ended up at the Podiatrist office because my left ankle was swollen and painful. Had to wear a brace on my foot just to walk the dog for months. The podiatrist sent me to physical therapy to strengthen my ankles. FINALLY, I no longer have to wear the brace.

Because I enjoyed the results of jumping, I continued to do my research. That’s when I decided to try The Cellerciser and have been a fan ever since. It’s been about a year since I’ve owned mine and it is one for the best purchases I’ve ever made. Love it! Love it!

This is one SATISFIED CUSTOMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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