I had a knee scrapping (broken cartilage pieces around my kneecap) removed and shaved to smooth. So, after recuperating, my workouts had to change. I was a lover of Insanity by Shaun T. Lots of jumping. But the Dr. said not for me. No running either. So, I research the best way for me to cross train without the hard impact on my knee. I watched a YouTube video on how good of a cardio workout you can get from a mini trampoline. So, I bought one for $50 at Walmart. Big mistake. I had such a hard time assembling it(bands), I gave up and went back to YouTube. I found a review of David Hall’s Rebounder. Yes, an appropriate name for an adult tramp. When I heard how important it was to use a quality tramp, so you do not hurt yourself, mainly your back, I looked at the piece of crap I bought in Walmart and immediately returned it. Though I found the Cellerciser a little pricey, in good faith, I trust the creator of this great product and the quality in it. I love this thing. It’s mine. I don’t allow the grand kids to use it so they understand it’s my toy. The benefits are incredible. I feel tightness in my core. I love feeling light on my feet. And my greatest achievement is the 291 cholesterol is now 229. That’s why I need the cardio aspect. No damage to my knee. Yay!!! I’ll never stop.

Thank you David Hall and God Bless You and Yours,

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